Project Description

The development is a pedestrian friendly mixed used facility with office space as the cornerstone use. The development has three (3) towers with 20 floors each, one to accommodate each core commercial element; the office space, hotel and apartments. There is a central massive podium encompassed by the 3 different towers. The podium contains parking and the retail component of the development. The property is set on 25,310 m2 on Wilmot point road at Victoria Island. All visitors or tenants at this destination have unrestricted view and access to the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a development which provides easy access for vehicles and traffic to move to and from the site as efficiently as possible. Consequently, car parking will be provided in the sub- basement level


This proposed development seeks to take advantage of the captive market provided by the office tenants for complimentary amenities like restaurants, business retail shops, hotels, and residential units. The key components of the development include:

• Commercial Office space

• Hotel Apartments

• 5 – star business hotel

• Lifestyle and entertainment

• Multi- level parking

The site is designed to ensure that each of the above elements of the facility has dedicated access.

Project Status: 

An AMG affiliated project, Harbor Point is managed from concept to completion by AMG.  Development is to commence 2nd quarter, 2016.