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[title size=”2″] The World’s Biggest Ice Hotel [/title]

The ICEHOTEL is located in the village of
Jukkasjärvi, Sweden; it is the world’s first and
biggest hotel made of ice blocks and snow.
Launched in 1990, the hotel is redesigned and
rebuilt every year.
The hotel was created as a way to introduce
tourism to Jukkasjärvi in winter. Once the hotel
opens, thousands of visitors come for the
unusual experience of drinking at its ICEBAR;
sleeping on reindeer skin on blocks of ice and
maybe even getting married in the Ice church.
The Ice Hotel is made entirely of snow and ice
from the nearby Torne River. Construction
starts in November, when the temperature
drops several degrees below freezing.
The hotel closes mid-April, when the sun
begins to melt the hotel back into river and
preparations start immediately for the next
hotel, which will open in December.


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