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Modern Living Homes is designed to meet the demand for 21st Century urban living in an affluent neighbourhood.

Designed as 6 units of luxuriously furnished 4 Bedroom Duplex, all en-suite; Modern Living Homes taps into the ambience of the Victoria island and offers a perfect location for savvy homeowners.

It is a strategic location for influential business owners and corporate executives due to its proximity to the major business districts in the Lagos metropolis (the Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island and Ikoyi),

Modern Living Homes is located at Landbridge Avenue, Oniru, Victoria Island annex.



Designed by an award-winning Architectural firm based in South African, Modern Living Homes is built to offer an amazing 21st Century urban living.  This is a building that boasts an interior of modern, uncluttered and vibrant design styles. It breaks away from the conventional neutralism and identical properties so often copied in residential estates. Instead, a unique character is created with comfortable living rooms, play areas and a roof-top garden.

The interiors have also been designed to allow for maximum satisfaction of the occupant, with clear circulation routes, access points and relaxation zones effectively been accounted for. The building overall, boasts and encourages a sense of play, relaxation, functionality and comfort that will successfully meet the needs of any individual great taste for luxury.

Modern Living Homes is definitely the place to Live. Its relaxation-centric design offers you a carefully defined play area and swimming pool to offer relaxation points for children and adults alike.

The creative design of the Roof Top offers you an amazing view of the city while relaxing with your loved ones or enjoying the privacy of the moonlight. It can definitively serve as your home-grown garden and relaxation point


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Other amenities you will find in Modern Living homes include:

¨  Sewage and drainage facilities

¨  Generator and Gate-house

¨  Beautiful landscaping

¨  Parking for 3 cars


Perfect location.

Modern Living Homes is centrally located at Oniru that offers central access to the most important destinations for busy executives*.  Knowing that you can access your workplace, leisure and business meetings without the hassles of traffic is fundamental to your investment

*By distance, Oniru is about 9 minutes driving distance (approximately 4.9km) from  a) .  Victoria Island (Ademola Adetokunbo street)      b).     Ikoyi and  c)        Eko Atlantic city.


Affluent Neighbourhood.

Modern Living Homes is located in an upscale environment that offers a friendly environment for leisure and lifestyle. With only 3 minutes’ drive away to shopping at Palms/ShopRite; it is surrounded by other notable real estate investments and attractions that include: Oniru Beach, financial institutions, gym and lifestyle centers.

Our immediate neighbourhood includes:

  • The Palms/ShopRite
  • British International School
  • 3-star Hotels (FourPoint By Sheraton, Oriental Hotel)
  • Banks
  • Resort destinations (Oniru Beach)


Guaranteed Security.

One of the attractions for investment in Oniru is the guarantee security. Oniru is not just peaceful; it offers maximum security provided by both government and private security agencies to ensure protection of life and property.

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