This project is a turn-of-the-century cosmopolitan style architecture providing fully serviced luxury offices, in Ikoyi. The commercial office development has a total lettable space of 5,292sqm on 5 floors. The development along Murtala Muhammed way in Ikoyi faces the prestigious Ikoyi Golf Course. To the East of the property is Ikoyi mall and to its West, is the prestigious Ikoyi Nursery school. Due to the sheer size of the site, it extends to the North onto McGregor Road.


The design of the commercial development is based on the concept of the atrium space where all spaces encompass a covered courtyard. The atrium serves as a central meeting point for the various activities in the building. The service spaces and conveniences have been carefully located at the outer corners of the building for easy accessibility and the unrestricted external view from the office space. The atrium brings natural lighting into the structure for the offices towards the center of the building through the skylights.
All opposite views of the building site are similar because the building is bounded by two roads which further increase easy accessibility to and from the building. A robust building designed by some of the best consultants in the field is of combined use of glass, steel, and aluminum. The development was completed in 2010.